Call Center and Media Outreach

Contract Partnership description

Hawab Region 6 DFW Call Center and Media Outreach.

HAWAB REGION 6 DFW is a local indigenous government of the Aboriginal Republic Of North America. As a local jurisdiction of ARNA we are able to provide protection and services to the so called African American/ Blacks / Negros. But we also have services for non-national or IPA (Indigenous Political Authority) members.


  • Call Nationals to see if they are caught up with constitutional dues for ARNA. If not then help come up with budget plan for them to get back on track.
  • Call Nationals on database system with Hawab and asking if they need other services that we can provide from within the 12 ministries of ARNA.
  • Call Non-Nationals and explaining what is ARNA and the benefits that come with being apart of a body politic. Also explaining IPA membership if candidate doesn't qualify for ARNA.
  • Have understanding of ARNA and IPA.
  • Create a post about Hawab Region 6 DFW services and the local jurisdiction.
  • Promote Services Offered and Events Participating.


  • Must have great communication skills.
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • MUST have own Internet connection, cell phone or phone.
  • Willing to learn and apply new knowledge.
  • Need to have good attitude and easy going, but focused and task oriented
  • Ability to post on social media.
  • You must email if interested in position and hawabregion6(@)


  • Quarterly BioScan – Non-invasive scan of the body in 60 seconds with breakdown of how the health conditions cost is $150 but after being brought on full time the cost will reduce as well as the herbs 
  • After scanning prescribed cure all or sweeper in accordance to Hawab Medical Association Health Ministry standards.
  • 15 min consultation of Health and how to improve health with report of scan of the body.
  • Potential dental insurance with scanning and breakdown of how to correct dental issues.

Location Of Partnership:

  • This is a remote working opportunity and requires a laptop and cell phone and good internet connection.

Contract Type: Partnership

  • Pay: $1 per person that you reach out to and get on the phone talking to them and getting a status update or getting them wanting to learn more about ARNA/HAWAB. This is a guarantee for at least 3 months.
  • 25% based commission of the services offered to national, IPA member or non-national or non-IPA member.

Application questions

  • Why are you interested in this contract partnership?

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