Jurist tribal driver compliance

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This affidavit insures COMPLIANCE of the tribal driver
The Tribal driver agrees to all of the following:
I (Aboriginal Name) have a clear unencumbered driving record in the state of (Name of State)
I have no tickets owed in that state.
I have no warrants attached to driving or parking in the above state.
I agree to follow the ARNA Constitution and all laws in pursuance thereof.
I agree to conform to the state vehicle code as a nonresident driver in any of the 50 states of the United States of America and in any International jurisdictions.
I agree to address any tickets that I get while using my tribal driving credentials or to have a local jurist do so if my local jurisdiction has a DLV certified by ARNA
If I violate the indigenous natural law practices of ARNA and violate anyone I agree I am subject to a jural society that can address all matters in the case. I have a right to defend myself or seek counsel from a jurist.
I agree that I am signing this instrument with full knowledge of the facts of my rights and responsibilities in operating my tribal driving credentials